ASAP Projrcts


Additional skill Acquisition Programme( ASAP) is part of the state skill development project that will help the advancement of Kerala Society , The ASAP has been designed to help students to attain employable resource status at the end of their Vocational Higher Secondary or under Graduate study streams.

In Order to create awareness of these students and the public various promotional activities are planned. Enrolment of students to ASAP areinto be identified through feeder institutions and other selected institutions

Aptitude test are to be conducted to gauge students skill level and counseling services are to be Imparted to students to guide and help them to choose the right skill development sector

Aelis has gone into and association with Govt. Of Kerala to Implement skill training under ASAP programe on a pan Kerala basis. Currently Aelis is training more than thousand students per year in seven district across 45 plus educational Institutions.